Airing of the Quilts Continued

When Paul and I arrived in Tunkhannock, PA the evening before the outdoor quilt show, we checked into our hotel and then took a walk into the center of town. One of the things we enjoyed doing during that walk was trying to figure out places we thought the quilts would be placed. It was fun to look for balconies, porches, fences, etc. that would make great display places. Some we got right and in other places there were more creative displays set up. I particularly enjoyed the look of the  quilts draped over the cannons found outside of the courthouse! It made me think of the many mothers, wives and sisters that sent their loved ones off to battle during the Civil War while waiting at home praying for them, possibly working on a quilt for their return. Quilting has had such a colorful, rich history in our country’s past. This wonderful history is explored in a fun series of books about a fictitious quilting business written by Jennifer Chiaverini. For your convenience, I linked her name to her Amazon page. All of her books are wonderful but I particularly love the Elm Creek Quilt book series and highly recommend it to you.

Anyhow, here are some more of the quilts we saw that day. Enjoy!

This is the photo with the quilts over the cannon. : )




 Lovely fall leaves very visible in this photo and adding to the beauty of the quilt I might add. ; )




This quilt was one of my personal favorites. I just loved the color combinations used in the fabrics.

What a cute idea to have some quilts facing in and others facing out. Viewers from both sides could enjoy the show!

This quilt is either an antique or much loved and well used since as you can see some of the fabric is frayed and torn.

Two beauties set off nicely by the stone behind them. That’s one thing I will say we really appreciated about the display. The organizers did a great job pairing quilts with the display areas so colors and designs played off of each other really well.


Again, thanks for visiting. I’ll have more to share later. Also, thanks for the comments I’ve received on these Airing of the Quilts posts. It’s so nice to know others are enjoying this as much as I’m enjoying seeing the quilts again when I post the photos.

Take care and come back again soon,



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