Meals in a Jar

Let’s play a game, okay? Do you remember when you were little and Sesame Street was teaching it’s young viewers to recognize patterns and they would sing songs asking which one was not like the others? Well, this time I want to ask you what do these two jars have in common?  Picture me singing – which of these things IS like the other?

Can you see it? Can you figure it out? Are you willing to play? Yes, the lids are white and the contents look pretty. But the real answer is, these are meals in a jar.  Amazing meals in a jar. I shared the Overnight Oatmeal with you before and you can see that post here. Paul and I eat this every weekday morning and it gets our day off to a great start.

The other jar is a salad in a jar and Paul and I eat one every weekday for lunch. It is the most incredible concoction that my sister-in-law, Pam, introduced me to. It works so great. When the ingredients are put in the jar, the dressing is put in first and then the other vegetables, chicken, nuts, etc are added on top. The lettuce is added last so it doesn’t touch the dressing, that way it doesn’t get gross and soggy. And when you put it on a plate to eat, it looks like this.

Now I know this isn’t the prettiest picture with lovely dishes, cloth napkin and pretty placemat cause I took this at my desk at work where I only had a paper plate and paper napkin, but isn’t it huge? That little jar made this huge, delicious salad with walnuts, grilled chicken, blueberries, low fat cheese and low fat raspberry vinaigrette dressing. It’s incredible and so filling. The best part is Paul and I take an hour together each Sunday to put together ten of each of these jars and we conveniently have breakfast and lunch for each work day and it makes life so much easier.

Now does anyone know how to make dinner in a jar?

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