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It is that crazy time of the year for teachers!! If you haven’t already picked up on this, Paul and I are both public school teachers. We love our jobs! We truly enjoy the interaction with the students, the molding of young minds, and the imparting of our great “wisdom and knowledge” on to the next generation!! (Is that a mouthful or what?) ¬†Paul is a music teacher and I am a computer teacher. This time of year is truly crazy though. We are in the midst of concert season and wrapping up all activities, both in and out of the classroom. Evening commitments are rampant and the days are packed. As a result, new content is going to be sparse for the next couple of weeks. But never fear, we have all kinds of plans for the summer – from room redos to sewing and painting projects. Quite frankly, we probably have too much planned for the amount of time we have, but we are excited to share it with you.

In the meantime, I have to share with you a favorite blog I go to when I’m doing meal planning. Cara’s blog is my favorite for finding great tasting, easy recipes that are very family friendly. This is also the first food blog I began following and what attracted me to it was how easy, yet yummy her recipes were. So without further ado, let me introduce you to Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour and some of my favorite recipes from her blog (just click on the name of the recipe to visit it). By the way, all photos are from Cara’s blog – don’t they make you hungry?

Spicy Shrimp and Pasta

This recipe is an unique one (at least to me). I made it more because I found the combination of ingredients rather unusual and really wasn’t sure how they would turn out. Suffice it to say, we loved it!! Very tasty and unique – don’t pass this one up.

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Yum!! This is another recipe that gives a lot of bang for the amount of time and effort you have to put in on it. Not terribly difficult, but incredibly tasty.

Fuss Free Ravioli and Cheese Bake

I love this recipe because it is so easy and incredibly good. This is one you could serve to company, and they would think you slaved for hours when you really put in little effort. Too good to be believed!!

Creamy Marinara Chicken Pasta

Are you sensing a theme here? Yes, I love pasta dishes and this one is the first I made from her blog and it’s still my favorite. I actually had to quit making this one for awhile cause I had burned my family on it!! This is a must try in my book – I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Now I don’t want you to think she only blogs about pasta dishes because there are many more wonderful recipes to try. Here are a few others I have made and loved.

Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

This one is yummy, easy and makes a great gift!

Coated Grape Salad

This one makes a great salad for a summer picnic.

Symphony Brownies

These are just decadent!! Make sure you have people to share these with or you will end up eating far more than you planned.

There are many more wonderful recipes. Check out Pearls, Handcuffs and Happy Hour. You won’t regret it (but maybe your pants will!!).

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