Sharing Our Story on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and I know that for those waiting for their true valentine to come along, it can be a long frustrating day, especially if there are sappy lovebirds around. However, one of the things we have not done on our blog is share much about ourselves, just our creative endeavors, so at the risk of being one of those annoying sappy lovebirds, I thought I would share with you a little of our background and our “love story”.

Paul and I have known each other since kindergarten. I have no recall of him from that time, but I have many memories of him from over the other many years together in school. My husband has always been a high energy person who embraces life and takes a huge bite out of whatever he chooses to do. In school, he was a great debater, loved music and history and was very charismatic. He came from a family of six children as did I and we were both middle children, peacekeepers all the way! We were both raised in middle class households that emphasized hard work over good luck. We went steady in eighth grade at a time when kids when to the local roller skating rink on Sundays and if you were dating someone the highlight of the week was skating hand in hand under the disco ball during the slow songs. (Isn’t that a funny image?)

When our brief “love affair” ended in eighth grade, we went separate ways for awhile until half way through high school when we began hanging out with the same group of friends. We became fast friends at that point and I know I drove my parents crazy with the hours I spent talking to him on the phone when our group wasn’t together. Of course, my parents knew I would end up with him long before I did. To me, he was my best friend but not boyfriend material. They knew better and were wise enough to know who is better for a life mate than a best friend. After high school, we attended the same college and there our relationship blossomed. I knew this wonderful man was meant for me.

Today, my husband is a very talented musician, incredibly successful teacher, inspiring leader of young men and women, fantastic father, wonderful husband, and a beautifully creative artist. He is my helpmate, confidante and best friend. Together, we have three wonderful children and have enjoyed immensely the bumpy, uneven roller coaster ride of parenting.

I feel very lucky to call him my valentine and it is my greatest wish to hope that all of you are lucky enough to meet your special valentine if you haven’t already.  

God bless each of you. May you have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting.


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