Have You Seen This Blog…Green Fairy Quilts?

Like many other bloggers, Paul and I were inspired to create onecreativecouple.com by reading and following many of the other amazing blogs already out there. When you see some of the most amazing eye candy put on the Internet by other bloggers, you just can’t help but want to join the party!

We love to read blogs about many things from DIY to crafts to home decor to food creation. I thought it would be fun to periodically share or highlight blogs that we enjoy  or admire. And we will include blogs on all kinds of topics which will make it more fun and interesting.

The first blog we want to feature is one I came across because of a quick mention of the creator behind the blog on Pinterest. This amazing, talented lady is Judi Madsen, owner of Green Fairy Quilts.  She and her husband, Clint, own an online quilt business in which they sell quilting fabric, supplies, patterns, etc. Judi is also a quilt designer and the most amazing, talented long arm quilter I have ever seen. Now if quilting is not your thing, that’s okay, because this lady is so good that you can’t help but be impressed with her abilities even if you are not a lover of quilting. And she shares her work on her blog, greenfairyquilts.blogspot.com. I’ve been enjoying the eye candy on her blog so much that I went back to the very first post and began reading my way forward! Let me share with you some of what I’ve seen. (All of the following photos come from Judi’s beautiful blog.)

Here’s a detail shot from a quilt she quilted for a customer. The pattern is Nottingham Star by Grace’s Dowry Quilts

Here’s the whole quilt:

And here’s the back. The quilting is so beautiful that even the back which is not pieced but just quilted is a work of art.

Is she not a master with a long arm quilting machine? I cannot believe what she can do with that machine. If you are interested in seeing more, check out the entire blog post by clicking here.

Here’s another beauty. Again I have some detail photos first to show her quilting up close.



Don’t you just love her dragonflies? They are incredible. And I watched a video tutorial she did on them and believe it or not, she does all of this work freehand with just a drawn on template for the the main parts of the dragonfly and that’s it!

Here’s the overall quilt photo.

This quilt pattern is called a Montana Feathered Star and if you would like to see the entire blog post click here.

Here’s another beauty. First, I’ll show you some detail shots.


And here’s the entire quilt.

Isn’t that gorgeous? If I sent my quilt that I’d worked months, maybe even years putting together and it came back looking like this, I would be ecstatic! This quilt pattern is from Pieceocake’s “My Whimsical Quilt Garden” book and to see the entire blog post click here.

Here’s the last quilt I’m going to share with you. Again I’ll start with some detail photos and then the entire quilt.

This gorgeous beauty is called “Home Sweet Home” designed for Patchwork Party Fall 2007 by Carolyn McCray.  The entire post can be read here.

With each of these quilts, I have just shared a small portion of the photos found on her blog with you. Judi does a great job of creating a pictorial record of the quilts and her work on her blog and you have to see them to believe the incredible beauty. On top of that, Judi is also a quilt designer herself and her patterns can be purchased through her online store at www. greenfairyquilts.com. Here’s two of her designs:

This one is called Garden Party and the next one is called Flower Patch.

Aren’t they beautiful? And Judi is a great mom to four adorable children and she and her husband also administer charity work. Each year she and her husband sponsor a trip to Romania where they hand out quilts to orphans and street people and they provide food and school supplies to orphanages in need. They are incredible, giving people and I have been continually impressed with them as a couple and Judi as an artist, mom and wife.

I hope you enjoy visiting her blog, greenfairyquilts.blogspot.com. And if you happen to talk to Judi, tell her a fan sent you!

Thanks for visiting. Please come back soon,


(Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored by Judi Madsen or greenfairyquilts.com. All opinions are my own and completely unsolicited by any sponsors.)

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