Christmas Tray Wall

wall 4

Sometimes the most effective decorations can be incredibly simple. Take this wall of trays for example.


They are not particularly complex in design or color. And they are not particularly expensive especially since each tray was no more than a couple of dollars at our local thrift store plus the cost of the paint used to cover them in their Christmas finery.

But in mass with a very simple two color scheme and sitting behind a fun collection of Santa cups using the same color scheme, they are fun and effective.


Here’s the wall before:

Zhostovo Trays

Zhostovo Trays

And once again with our transformed Christmas trays.

After Christmas when life returns to some normalcy, we will resume our Tuesday Tutorials, and I’ll do a tutorial on this simple yet effective decoration. You can either start yours then and get a leg up on next year’s Christmas or complete a set for another time of the year. I could see this same color scheme for Valentine’s Day with words like Cupid, Love, Sweetheart or wouldn’t an orange and black or black and white scheme be fun for Halloween with words like Boo, Ghoul, Vampire, Creepy. Oh I’d better get started now – I want one set for each holiday!

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