More Chalkboards in the Decayed Elegance Style

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As an artist it is impossible to predict a trend so we have learned to do what we like and people will appreciate our work. However, it is really nice when a trend happens to line up with a love of the artist. That is the case with chalkboards. We love the way that the painting stands proud of the black background. We also love the marriage of an art piece with a practical piece. We can use it, look at it and appreciate it for a lifetime. These chalkboards are wonderful extensions of our art and we love to paint them but they are often hard to part with. Oh well, that is what business is about. With this batch we decided to go for a wide variety of styles so that our customers have a lot to choose from. We hope you like them.

The first chalkboard that we created was based on a very loose and painterly floral design with some heavily petaled roses and a lovely winding ribbon.



It seems that our customers really prefer the loose floral painting instead of tightly structured florals.


To set off this lovely painting we painted the composite frame a toned green and distressed it to give the frame a real vintage feel.



One of the requests that we received from some of our customers was to do some chalkboards that reflected a French influence.  We listened and came up with a few French inspired chalkboards.  Here is the first of the group.


 I particularly enjoyed the distressing treatment on this simple wooden frame as I crackled the frame and further distressed with some light sanding.


If you are considering a French inspired board, think about this one as it would be a perfect greeting for visitors.  Bonjour Mes Amis….Hello my friends.

Another request that we received from customers was to design some chalkboards with birds.  I love to paint birds and recently we posted about a very special chair that was painted in the decayed elegance style with some lovely birds.  Why recreate the wheel when these birds are so nice?  I painted a variation on the birds from the chair and painted them on this lovely chalkboard.


These lovely birds make us smile and are so pretty with this simple frame.


The last chalkboard that we are going to feature is one that is inspired by old advertisments.  This is a large chalkboard and is lightly distressed to reflect a very vintage feel.  This chalkboard would look equally  lovely in a vintage inspired home, farmhouse, or country manor.


 This closeup shot shows some of the lovely painting that reinforces the vintage feel of this board.

This large wooden frame is painted in a toned white with some additional sanding and distressing to give the old piece an old feel.


Vintage chalkboards in this decayed elegance style fit into every home and can carry lists and messages while beautifying your home.  We just love them and apparently other people do as well as they tend to fly out of our booth.  Thank you for visiting.  If you are interested in a purchase, please check out our etsy shop.

Please stop back soon,



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