Christmas Creativity

One of the things we love about the Internet and the blogging community is how creative everyone is. It’s easy to lose yourself for hours surfing the Internet and finding wonderful creative ideas. Christmas is no exception to this rule. I spent some time looking for some fun Christmas decorations and here’s what I found. (By the way, I linked each picture to the site it originated from so please visit them to learn more.)

  • How about a tree made of books? Great idea for a library or school.

tree of books


  • Must of been a lot of work to light this truck up
Lighted Truck
  • How cute – no mess, little fuss – a drawn tree

Drawn Wall Tree


  • How about a tree of Swarovski crystals – gorgeous!

swarovski crystal tree


  • This tree of bottles is very shiny and pretty but don’t get too close!

Beer Bottle Tree

  • This is one of my favorites – an upside down tree. The ornaments hang so well this way.

upside down tree


  • Last, but certainly not least, I would love to see this in person. This house is located along the canal in Venice, California. These homeowners certainly outdid themselves.

christmas on the canals of Venice ca


What wonderful, crazy, creative ideas have you seen or even executed yourself this Christmas season? Please share.

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