Tutorial Tuesday-Creating Painted Texture with Saran Wrap for the Decayed Elegant Look

Okay folks, we are back with another Tutorial Tuesday…at least for a while. We had to take a couple of weeks off from our Tutorial Tuesdays because we were so crazy busy. The good thing was that we heard from so many of you because you were missing our tutorials so we know that they are getting read. As most of you know Cathy and I are professional artists and have a business where we sell many of our paintings and art furniture. Much of what we do is very highly skilled work that has taken us years to develop but a lot of the effects that we strive for are things that anyone can do. Pay us for the things you can’t do but do the things you can by yourself, well perhaps with a little help from us. So, for the next few weeks we are going to be offering some short tutorials on various painting techniques. Practice these and make them part of your repertoire and you can create a large variety of painted finishes to beautify your home.

For our first tutorial on painting techniques we are going to show you how to use Saran Wrap to create texture. You can also further glaze this texture, as outlined in this tutorial to create the aged look of Decayed Elegance that we so love. We have used this technique on walls

and on furniture.

This is quick, easy and yields great results.

What will you need?

  • Several tubes of Heritage MultiMedia Acrylic paint. Use one lighter color and one darker color. I mixed Pine Green and Raw Umber for the dark color and Medium White for the lighter color.  You can use other paint but I can’t guarantee the results as I don’t know their working properties.
  • Heritage MultiMedia Extender and Blending Medium
  • Saran Wrap

Step 1

Underpaint the object with the darker color.


Step 2

Dry well. Force dry with a hair dryer if necessary.

Step 3

Apply a light even coat of extender. This will keep the top layer of paint from drying while you complete the steps.

Step 4

Apply top coat of paint and mix in a bit of extender with the paint as you apply it.

Step 5

Crinkle a sheet of Saran Wrap.

Step 6

Quickly lay down sheet of crinkled up Saran Wrap on painted object. Press down, allowing crinkles to happen.

Step 7

Lift and enjoy the unpredictable texture that happens.

And that’s it! Short and sweet! The look will change depending upon the colors you use and the amount of crinkling you let happen in the Saran Wrap.

Thanks for stopping by. Please visit again soon.


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