Syrocco Mirror Becomes a Chalkboard

I love syrocco mirrors. While their plastic gold frames are not considered extremely desirable for today’s interiors, once they’ve been painted and distressed using our techniques covered in our tutorial about changing plastic into alabaster, they are simply gorgeous. Especially because their design is so beautiful and based on many classic design elements such as scrolls, acanthus leaves, roses¬†and shells. We love to use them as mirrors,

wall of mirrors

frames for paintings

syrocco framed pic 1

Set of Floral Paintings

and today I turned one into a chalkboard. What better way to leave yourself a reminder or write a note to a family member than on this beautiful piece of art that is functional as well as beautiful!


Chalkboard above painted chair


And just in case you get so overwhelmed by the chalkboard’s beauty, I even included a reminder at the bottom of what its function is for!!

This one is headed for our booth where I hope it soon gets adopted into a new home where someone will put it to the good use it deserves.

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