Happy Birthday Cathy!


When I was 5 years old I started my school career and Cathy was there, in my class.  We went to middle school together, we even spent some time at the roller skating rink holding hands under the crystal ball.  We went through high school together, mostly as best friends but at some point we decided that we loved one another.  I informed my parents when we were 15 years old that I was planning on marrying Cathy, long before she knew about my plans.  Over 35 years later we are still together and I can’t believe that she picked me.

So today I would like all of my friends from all over the world to join me in wishing Cathy the happiest of birthdays.  She is going to kill me.  See, Cathy does not look for the spotlight and generally refuses being the center of attention.  But she deserves it.  Cathy is one of the most sacrificing, intelligent, creative and talented people that I know.  She can sing like a dream, is a wonderful writer and an accomplished artist.  Additionally, Cathy finds the time to create a beautiful home, teach public school and parent three amazing children.

Anybody that crosses paths with Cathy feels her quiet, powerful and compassionate presence.  We are all so much better for her being part of our lives.  So Cathy, Happy Birthday!  I love you.

Sorry for the picture.  I only had one of us together on this computer.

Until Next Time,


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