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Cloche with cups

I am not a minimalist. Quite frankly, as my daughter likes to tell people, my philosophy is more is more. While I can appreciate the aesthetic of modern, clean lines and stark decorating, I feel most cozy when surrounded by lots of beauty with curved lines, some might even call them curlicues!

I am also a collector. I have several collections that I have started over the years – some I still add to and some have stopped, but each of them is loved and appreciated. Now maybe you are asking yourself if I have a hoarding problem. I believe the answer is no (at least at this time, check back again in another 20 years), the trick to not being a hoarder is to convince your husband to buy a rather large house that can hold many different collections!

All humor aside, my post today is a decorating tip that I’m sure many of you already know but I still thought I’d pass along due to the benefit of my many collecting years. And my tip is this: most decorating in a home looks better when like items are grouped together, and collections definitely have more impact when they are displayed together rather than individually throughout the room. Let me show you some examples:

Green Jasperware

Green Jasperware 2


The photos shown above are examples of my green jasperware collection. I absolutely love this collection. It is not monetarily valuable as this style of jasperware was made by companies who were trying to imitate Wedgewood. They weren’t able to achieve the same popularity of Wedgewood and therefore didn’t become as valuable. But to me, these bisque porcelain pieces are much prettier. The designs were influenced by the Victorian time period in which they were made and often featured cherubs, beautiful ladies in long gowns and themes of love. The detailing on them was soft yet very beautiful and I just love them. If they were placed in my decor by themselves, they would get lost since they are usually only somewhere between 3 and 6 inches across. In a grouping, however, they have much more impact.

Perfume Bottles


Beaded Purses

The previous photos are of collections that I no longer add to but still really enjoy. I love beaded and vintage purses and perfume bottles. Again, each would tend to get lost if placed separately but in groupings (even casual ones, like the purses) they have more significance. Also, don’t be afraid to mix old and new. In the purse photo, you can see a pretty fabric purse that was given to me by a dear artist friend, Serina Haung, from Taiwan. This purse has more personal significance to me than all of the other antique purses together. And its pretty fabric adds to the overall look.

Cloche with cups

Old Country Roses in Cabinet

I also love the Old Country Roses china by Royal Doulton. My husband started my collection for me years ago when he purchased a set that he found in an antique store in Boston. Over the years we have added to the set and it creates such a pretty display in our dining room. I love to think of quirky ways to display it while still having the impact of several pieces together.


Willieraye 2

Willieraye Ornaments

Collections and groupings do not have to be serious ones either. I also love a line of collectibles called Willierayes. They are silly, fun, quirky figurines. I store them in a large cabinet together but when I change my seasonal decorating I pull out the applicable ones and put them together in whatever room I’m decorating. I even decorate a tabletop tree in Willieraye ornaments. They never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Lastly, similar artwork displayed together can often have a greater impact than artwork placed by itself. In the following photos you will see paintings that both my husband and I have done and they were displayed together based on either their style or their color palette and sometimes for both. When possible, I noted the style of painting below the photos for your information.


Norwegian Rosemaling on Lefse Boards

 Floral Paintings




Zhostovo Trays

Don’t forget to stop back soon as we will be sharing our “Souped Up” Decoupage Tutorial and our big surprise.

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