“Souped Up” Decoupage

Roses on Decoupaged Music

As an artist, I wear two hats. I am a music teacher and I am a painter. Both of these artistic endeavors bring me great pleasure, and I realize every day of my life that I am blessed. I am blessed to have two avocations, and I am blessed to spend a life pursuing beauty. It may seem that these two “jobs” are at odds with each other but an artistic sensibility transfers from one discipline to another. The very qualities that make me an artistic musician also make me an effective visual artist. In other words, I love them both and they are both very important to me.


Anytime that I can, I try to combine my music and painting because they are both so meaningful to me. I have always loved old sheet music for the place that it represents in history and for the graphic covers that are often on front of this music.

old music

It was time to use some of this lovely old music as a backdrop to some of my art but I needed to learn the techniques to make this music adhere to the desired surface, and I had to find the perfect piece to put it on. So, I went to our stash and at the back of our shed I found it, this lovely old sewing cabinet that needed a new life. I love the lines of this old beauty but she needed some work and I was ready for another challenge.

Music Cabinet

After I did the necessary repairs, Cathy and I decided that we would paint it white and add an umber glaze to help age the finish. I love to glaze new paint as it ages it immediately. (I feel a tutorial coming, on glazing techniques.) We also did normal distressing techniques.

Now time for decoupage. We have used Mod Podge before, and it does a fine job but we have learned another way to decoupage that provides a harder finish over the paper product. I have a friend and an art colleague from Taiwan, Serina Huang, that has developed this wonderful “souped up” decopage technique that is wonderful for furniture Since we wanted this piece of furniture to be very functional we used her souped up decoupage technique and guess what,


coming soon…”Souped Up” Decoupage Tutorial. Please make sure you come back soon to read our tutorial. The process is very easy and results in a great, durable surface. Also after the tutorial, we have some more exciting news that will benefit you, so make sure you keep coming back. You don’t want to miss it.

I picked out the music that I wanted and was very particular about the placement of the music. I wanted music that was a little less busy to be the backdrop for the painting as I didn’t want the background to compete too much with the flowers.

Music laid out

As a music teacher, there were a few things that tugged on my heart strings. Some of the music had piano fingerings scrawled above the notes. Some had dates written on the music that indicated a practice schedule and one particular message really got to me. There was a very strongly written message written above one particular section that said, “Practice More!”. I can imagine some frustrated paino teacher scrawling that note above a sloppy passage. Believe me, I have been there. Unfortunately, I painted over that message. Darn!

Next, I did the decoupage technique and ended up with this lovely piece of furniture. Honestly, this piece would stand well as it is and doesn’t need anything else.

Cabinet with Decoupage Music

But there is a problem, I am an artist and everything is a potential canvas so it was time to paint. I also believe that the added art makes the piece rather special and unique. But there were challenges. Painting on a background that is rather busy dictated some choices. The colors could not be soft but had to be rather intense with lots of contrast. A lovely and soft painting would have gotten lost with this background. I laid out the general design and added the painting. I am so pleased with this result and it will look so nice in our display. We find that our patrons are looking for the unusual. This should fit the bill.

Music Cabinet finished

Roses on Decoupaged Music

Painted Roses

Please come back and see us soon,

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