Decorating with Vintage Linens/Textiles

Vintage mantel cover

Like many of you, I love vintage linens and textiles. I could just wrap myself in their beautiful frothy handwork!! And I think they add such a soft quality and hominess to our decorating that I look for them when I shop and I try to use them whenever I can. I thought today I would share some of the finds I’ve made over the years and how I use them in my home.

Ebay is a great source for vintage linens and other textiles. When I was redecorating my daughter’s room, I found a beautiful bedspread and curtains in a soft satiny peach color. I think they were probably more pink colored originally but they have faded with time. I used them on my daughter’s bed and on the windows and I turned the curtains into bishop’s sleeves by gathering the panels slightly and allowing the tops to spill over the gather.

Vintage Bedspread

Vintage Curtain

Through Ebay I also found this lovely mantel cover. As you can see it has a little chenille embroidery on it and small handmade tassels hanging from the bottom. One of them is missing but considering its old age I’m okay with that. (Actually I hope I look that good at that age.) I believe this dates from the late 1800’s during the Victorian time period of decorating. During that time young girls were taught to do needlework and make items to put in their hope chests for the home they would have when they married their future husbands. I can just picture some young lady making this while daydreaming about the beautiful stranger whom she would fall in love with.

Chenille Embroidery

Vintage mantel cover

In the living room I covered the fireplace with another vintage textile. This is a beautiful Portière that was hung during the Victorian time period in a doorway. It was used in the winter to help with heating because it was closed to stop drafts from moving from room to room. Of course we have to take it down if we have a fire in the fireplace as a stray spark would cause a fire.


In my dining room I have a small table that is covered with another beautiful textile. This one has the most beautiful cross-stitched design on it. Although I don’t think this is as old as some of my other textiles, I still respect the amount of work it represents. (This first photo doesn’t show the top well so I have a great photo of the textile on the top of the table following it.)

table with cover

Cross stitched table cover

Because our home has very high ceilings we were able to put double stacks of cabinets in the kitchen. I use the top cabinets to display my older pieces of china since I really don’t use these. When I first put my china in there, I found it to be really lacking in color with the white china in the white cabinets. Way too much white!! Since my cabinets were new I felt guilty painting the backs of them to break up the endless white so instead I used the different vintage handkerchiefs I’d collected over the year. I found these pops of color really helped with the endless white. Maybe after a couple of years I won’t feel guilty painting my “no longer new” cabinets and I’ll put a pop of color in there as well.

Double Cabinets in Kitchen

Cabinet with Handkerchiefs

Thanks so much for joining me today on my journey through decorating with vintage linens. If you have other creative ideas on ways to use them, please share them with us.

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