Wonderful Storage Solution and Beautiful Artwork…What a Great Combination!

Hand Painted Florals on Cabinet Close-up

Cathy and I don’t argue much, we really don’t.  We tend to agree on most things and we are also sensitive to “hot button” topics that we know will set off the other person.   However, there is one issue that can really set us off….STUFF.  We amass STUFF.  To be fair, Cathy started it!  She started stockpiling STUFF a long time ago and it would annoy me to no end.  How many cake savers do we need?  How many old chairs have to populate our garage and shed?  AAAHHH!


So, we have argued about STUFF and guess what?  I was wrong.  She has taken her stockpile and turned it in to some of the prettiest items, many of which are found in homes all over the place.

DR wih cloche collect


As you can see, she was right, but the accumulation of stuff means that we need storage which brings me to the point of this post.  Everyone runs out of storage and we all need more.  Our goal is to find a place to put all of the things that we buy and we are always looking for creative storage solutions.  One solution is to find storage cabinets that take up a limited footprint. We have all kinds of areas in our house and cabin that are not suited for standard cabinets or dressers. They are strange, awkward places that cry out for decoration.  Plus, we really need the additional storage.  For example, what would you put in this awkward space?Awkward space


As you can see the space is very narrow and not much would fit there. Since this is in our small cabin, empty space is at a premium and even a small wall like this cannot be left empty. Several years ago, we stumbled across a cabinet that is perfect for areas that lack width. I always called it a candle cabinet.  That is what I actually thought it was called but Cathy informed me that we called it a candle cabinet because….drum roll….we stored candles in there.

This one is at our camp, occupies the weird space that I just showed and acts as our snack cabinet.  Cathy did this lovely primitive style fruit painting on it.  Check out how the cabinet looks in this narrow, awkward space.

camp cabinet

And here’s the inside to show you the amount of storage it gives you.
inside storage


These beauties take up a very small footprint, can be used in awkard places and provide GREAT storage.  This one is in the corner of our bathroom and holds toilet paper, tissues, dog food and other things that are awkward to store.

 Bathroom Cabinet

A few years ago I made five of them.  We have two in our home, we sold one and we had two left.  Over the last couple of years many people have requested that I paint one for them but I never got around to it.  So, a few days ago I decided to tackle the piece.  We did this piece with the full intentions of selling it.  I imagine it will go fairly quickly because people want these wonderful storage cabinets, espcially with artwork on it.

Here is a picture of the piece before it was painted.  I am pleased to say that this was built with all recycled wood.  Normally Cathy will decide on the colors of the pieces based on what the current trends are.  We also look to have multiple looks in our work, some soft, some with higher contrast and some that are distressed and some that are painted with clean lines. We look at the pieces in their “raw” state as our canvas so all decisions are important.

unfinished cabinet

Cathy decided to base the piece with this lovely soft toned green.  This color reminded me of spring so I decided on light, spring colors for the painting insert.  Pinks, soft whites, yellows would provide the color palette for the floral painting.  Here is the finished piece.

Hand Painted Florals on Cabinet 1

 Hand Painted Florals on Cabinet Close-up

We love the finished piece, and of course, Cathy wants to keep it.  She wants to keep everything but off it goes.  I am hoping that if we have less storage space that perhaps we will have less STUFF.  I am thinking that there is probably an error in my thinking…what do you think?

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