Frames…The Search is Half the Fun

painting with frame

 Hello All,

As Cathy as told you, I am an artist and my preferred medium is painting. I like to paint almost everything but I find that I am drawn to florals. No, that is an understatement…painting flowers dominates my mindscape. How funny is that. I am nearly 50, raised three wonderful kids, maintained a successful career and still, I think about painting flowers…how they are shaped, how they go together, how they compliment each other…I just love them.

I paint a lot of florals and most of those paintings need frames. And, like everyone, we have a mortgage, car payments, college payments and all of that fun stuff so I can’t lose my shirt on frames. Also, the right frame can make or break a painting. Here is wonderful example…check out the difference.

painting without frame
painting with frame

With a little bit of creativity, a thrift store, cheapie frame can be made in to a wonderful art piece. I love the syrocco frames. For those of you that don’t know, syrocco is a brand name of products that were made in the 60’s and 70’s from formed plastic. In their original state they can look a bit tacky…

syrocco frame original finish

But with a little bit of creativity….incredible.

restyled syrocco with chalkboard

Here are a few other syrocco frames that have been saved. Aren’t they great!

syrocco framed pic 1

wall of syroco frames

Of course I have to give credit to Cathy. She has researched these frames, figured out what to do with them and has found most of them. Wow, she really is my better half but we both love to redo these syrocco frames.

Now don’t just limit yourself to syrocco frames. Search antique stores, thrift shops and yard sales. Look at frames in a new way and think outside of the box. What can you do to that ordinary frame to make it special? The search is half of the fun but figuring out what to do with your “cheapie” is also great fun. I have focused on the syrocco frames this time, but don’t worry, I will be back to tell you about some other frame finds. My “better half” will make sure of it. Happy hunting!

Please come back and visit us soon.


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