Day Trips…Don’t You Just Love Them?

Closeup Carved Victorian Bed

Hello All,

 I’m Paul. I’m the other half of “One Creative Couple”.  I would like to say that I am the better half but really, who would I be kidding.  Yes, I am creative and I like beautiful things.  I can paint, and as a music teacher I know music but still…who are we kidding.  I am half of the team but I am not the half that makes the engine go forward.  Cathy has the market on that title.

Anyhow, Cathy and I love to travel.  We really aren’t picky but we do have a bit of wanderlust so every time that we have the opportunity, we take it.  We go to the beach with the kids, we like museums, we enjoy quiet time in the mountains, we really like it all.  One slight problem….lots of desire to travel but with daughters in college there is not a lot of money.   So, no vacations for us for a few years.

Our solution… Creative Couple day trips.  We just love the randomness (is that a word) of picking a small town within a few hours of home and setting out to explore.  The possibilities are really endless.

We did lots of day trips when we were first married for the exact same reason, wanderlust.  But then the kids and the jobs and the house got in the way blah, blah, blah. We finally decided that it was time to think like newlyweds again and go for it.  The chores and responsibilities will wait but there is no time like the present to create memories.

Now a good day trip has to have a few elements, thrifting, food, and the opportunity to stretch our creative muscle.  So, we put our finger on the map and chose Clearfield, PA. Off we went with our water bottles and our hopes for a successful day.  We only had a few hours so we had to make them count.

Our first destination..Historica Plus Antiques.  Now this is no ordinary antique store instead it is a 32,000 square foot treasure trove of possibilities.  We saw so much that we wanted to buy but we just couldn’t afford it all.   We did take pictures of some of the most interesting finds.

Don’t you just love this canister set. The black and white is so darn graphic and the way it was staged with the striped wallpaper was particularly effective…hmm, ideas…..Antique Canister Set

We also love things that remind of us times fondly remembered.  This service set is so nice and reminds us of a set that my grandmother had.    Wonder where that set got to?

Antique Tea Set

One of the things that Cathy and I particularly enjoy doing is finding old things and using them in new ways….you know, a sled becomes a table, a ladder becomes a plant stand, the possibilities are endless. This cool cabinet was formed from old doors with their original paint.  We just loved it and would have bought it if we had room.  At this point we would have to toss out one of the kids if we bring home any more furniture.

Cabinet Made from Doors

We also enjoy an antique that tells a story.  How about this really great old mirror that the dealer told us was bought from a fortune teller from New York City.  Maybe the story is a fable but it is still a really great story and if it is true, wow. (Sorry about the blurry picture. Unfortunately, it’s the only one I took of this piece.)

Fortune Teller's Mirror

We were also both captured by this old photo display.  Imagine the hopes and dreams that all of these long gone people had.  Were they really all that different from us?  Don’t you think they probably wanted the same things, to be happy, to contribute to the world around them, to be of service to others, to raise happy children.

Old Photos

So we continued our walk through this mammoth building and I heard the familiar intake of breath.  You see, when Cathy sees something that she “must have” she sucks wind.  When that happens I pull out my credit card and keep my mouth shut.  Truth is, she has the most creativity and vision of anyone that I have ever seen so why would I stand in her way?

Anyhow, she loves antique Christmas ornaments and is going to convert our big Christmas tree (we put up 5 each year) into a receptacle for these old and faded beauties.  She found some for a great price so home they came.

Shiny Brite Ornaments

More Shiny Brite Ornaments

Finally as we were about to leave the store we both did a double take.  We love old, fancy Victorian furniture.  We love the bold patterns and the strong carving.  Bring it on! At the end of our visit we saw this gorgeous old bed.  It was priced near $4000 dollars and if we had the money and the space it would have found a home.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  But, we did enjoy seeing it.

Carved Victorian Bed

Here is a close-up of the beautiful carved head on the headboard.

Closeup Carved Victorian Bed

After we were done at Historica Plus Antiques we walked down the street to a few other smaller antique stores and found some other hidden treasures.  It was such a fun day.  We carted our tired and sore feet to a local restaurant, had a very nice lunch and headed home.

This creative couple was definitely tired but it was the best kind of tired…the kind that comes from spending a day with someone you love exploring the world.

Please come back and visit us soon.


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