Summertime on the Deck

Container Gardening 4

One of the many changes we made to our home over the years was to add a large deck off of the kitchen. We spend a lot of time on the deck, especially during the evening hours. Every year I enjoy the process of doing some container gardening. I love picking the plants, potting them and watching their development during the summer months.

Several years ago, friends turned me on to a wonderful online greenhouse called Mischel’s Greenhouses. I love their flowers for several reasons. First of all they put plants together in groupings for you called planter packs. These packs are grouped together to give you a beautiful full container. Also they categorize flowers by their need for sun and shade and their ability to handle drought conditions. Our deck is very hot and sunny and I needed plants that could handle being in the sun for a long time and drying out completely before being watered. I’ll let my photos show you what I mean.Container Gardening 3

Container Gardening 1

Container Gardening 2

 Container Gardening 4

Container Gardening 5

Container Gardening 6

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